Pioneer Mill Company Office

AHL worked with the Lahaina Restoration Foundation to complete a preservation condition analysis of a 1910, classic revival-style building, listed on the Hawaii Register of Historic Places, which formerly served as an office building for the Pioneer Mill Sugar Company. The office building is the last remaining building that is directly associated with the company’s 139-year operations.

The building was constructed by local contractor W.J. Moody in 1910, with an annex constructed in 1947. It was the first board-formed concrete building to have been constructed on West Maui and possibly the third of its type to be built on the entire island. The building was acquired by Maui County in 2001, and as part of this project, AHL participated in a community outreach project to engage the public in brainstorming potential uses for the building and site.

After the Lahaina Fire in August 2023, we hope the building will be reconstructed one day. Although the wood roof, windows, and doors are gone, the concrete walls remain intact.

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Lahaina, Maui