historic architecture

connecting the past, present, and future through our built environment.

AHL provides a broad range of services for historic architecture that address the needs of both client and structure, driven by a fundamental respect for historic buildings.

adapting to current needs

Historic buildings tell the stories of our past, our culture, and the events that molded our societies to be what they are today. AHL strives to respect and preserve the elements of buildings that contain these stories - while using innovative solutions to make buildings relevant to today’s needs and requirements.

preservation and repair

Older buildings with architectural and historical significance are vulnerable to damage from environmental conditions as well as human activities. At AHL, we draw upon our experience and sensitivity to preserve and restore the significant character-defining features of historic properties to ensure their longevity and stability in the years to come.

historic architecture services

Today’s complex system for meeting Federal, State and County requirements for the permitting of architectural projects includes various requirements for the identification, assessment, documentation and treatment of historic buildings and sites. AHL staff are professionally trained to conduct investigations and assessment services, prepare documents, and manage consultation for compliance requirements.