Art+Design+Architecture - Talk Shop: Retail Strategy in 2024

March 5, 2024

Video Credit: Motion&Story

Talk Shop: Retail Strategy in 2024

This past year, the retail market experienced some turbulence. The closing of stores such as Macy’s in Windward Mall, Walmart downtown and Longs shook things up a bit, and there are continuing challenges such as the cost of doing business in Hawaiʻi, increased minimum wage and cash-strapped consumers. But new stores and restaurants keep on opening and Colliers thinks a full retail market recovery is achievable. Our panelists will give us their thoughts about 2024 and how art, architecture and design fit into their thinking.

Panelists -

  • Brad Nicolai, President, JN Group, Inc.
  • Jalene Kanani Bell, President & Creative Director, NOHO HOME
  • Jaymes Bell, General Manager, Ala Moana Center
  • Dusty Grable, Founder & President, Lovers & Fighters

Moderated by Bettina Mehnert, FAIA, LEED AP, President & CEO, AHL

Brad Nicolai, Jalene Kanani Bell, Bettina Mehnert, Jaymes Bell, Dusty Grable

Velocity Honolulu
Jaymes Bell and Dusty Grable

Bettina Mehnert, Brad Nicolai, Jalene Kanani Bell

Jalene Kanani Bell and Jaymes Bell
Bettina Mehnert and Brad Nicolai
Motion&Story Film Crew

Video Credit: Motion&Story

Photo Credit: Crystal Gray

About AHL's Art + Design + Architecture Panel Series

How do art, design and architecture connect and collaborate in Hawaiʻi? In 2017, AHL launched a panel series entitled Art + Design + Architecture to encourage community dialogue on the interconnectedness among these fields and how they work together to create innovative responses to challenges in our community. AHL hopes that this panel series can be a catalyst for inspiration, connection and further innovation.

Join us for our next panel. Stay tuned for more details coming this spring!

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