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September 8, 2023

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In the lush and diverse landscape of Hawaiʻi, we revel in an abundance of many things, yet one critical aspect remains a challenge: food security. Despite our natural beauty and resources, Hawaiʻi relies heavily on imports, with approximately 90 percent of its food coming from outside sources. This predicament is further intensified by the compounding effects of climate change, the rising cost of living, supply chain disruptions, and the limitations of our agricultural lands and farming community.

Food security is not merely a concern for statistics; it directly affects the well-being of families. A family achieves true food security when its members are free from hunger or the constant fear of going hungry. This challenge calls for innovative and dynamic solutions to ensure a sustainable and secure food future for our beloved state.

To address this pressing issue, we are assembling a dynamic panel of experts who are actively shaping Hawaiʻi's food landscape. By crafting effective policies, our panelists strive to promote resilience in our food systems. By raising awareness about the urgency of the situation, they aim to engage the community and foster a sense of collective responsibility. Our panelists are actively supporting local food providers, encouraging homegrown ventures, and strengthening the connections between consumers and producers.

In this crucial conversation, we explore innovative strategies, harness the power of collaboration, and take actionable steps to transform the future of food security in Hawaiʻi. Together, we can build a more sustainable, resilient, and dynamic food ecosystem that will sustain generations to come.

Panelists -

  • Amy Marvin, President & CEO, Hawaiʻi Foodbank
  • Jerrold "Jerri" Simms, Specialty Team Leader, Whole Foods Market
  • Jason Brand, Co-Founder, Kunia Country Farms, Ko Hana Distillers
  • Jason Ueki, Co-Founder, THRIVE Hawaii Agrifood Summit
  • Taiji Terasaki, Artist

Moderated by Bettina Mehnert, FAIA, LEED AP, President & CEO, AHL

Video Credit: Motion&Story

Photo Credit: Crystal Gray

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