AlohaCare Tenant Improvement

Flexible, functional, and fun.

For a new space that ‘feels like home’, the completed re-design of the AlohaCare headquarters reflects warm, colorful, casual aesthetics of Hawai’i’s local culture while encouraging and supporting communication between departments, reducing redundancies, improving space efficiencies, and creating a comfortable and relaxed ambiance for staff.

With over 200 individual workstations, 25 private offices, and varied meeting spaces, furnishings provide a crucial functionality and balance between private and shared work areas. High-backed seating with integrated worksurfaces, data, and power outlets provide privacy and acoustic control. Open seating and gathering areas encourage impromptu conversation. “Phone booths” on each floor accommodate private conversations. The Kaʻū room, designed for collaboration with wood cladding on the walls and operable louvered wood shutters, is a fun nod to Hawai’i’s beach communities and a welcome break from the density of the workstations.

In a truly collaborative effort, AHL was proud to assist AlohaCare’s mission to achieve community whole person health by creating a more productive and engaging workplace.

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Honolulu, O'ahu, HI