Lili’uokalani Trust Office Renovation

Creating a space to encourage teamwork and employee wellness.

Focused on making a creative, mixed-use ‘work and play’ area for their employees and partner organizations, Liliuokalani Trust wanted a fun, welcoming space for working, meeting, collaborating and holding large events.  The existing space had a unique triangular shape, which was retained, but had most of the walls and cubicles
broken down for a more open and flexible space. Keeping these factors in mind, AHL completed an interior renovation of this co-working/meeting space to allow more space for flexibility and collaboration.

Flexible, movable furniture and glass dry erase board dividers are provided throughout to let employees create the spaces they need for collaborative work. With the flexibility of the durable furniture, multiple areas can be shaped for activities ranging from maker spaces to seminars. Collaboration was a driving theme of the space
which was highlighted with vibrant, yellow and turquoise accents and new, refreshed finishes.

Key design features include a custom mural, which honors the legacy of Queen Liliʻuokalani. Trust kamaliʻi (beneficiaries) assisted with the creation and painting of the mural, which contains symbols of many of the Queen’s passions, such as musical notes reflecting her love of music and the many mele (songs) she composed, the pua liliʻu (crown flower), and the pulelehua (monarch butterflies) gathering around the blossoms. The flowers are symbolic of her legacy: her love for and care of Hawaiian children.

project details


Honolulu, Hawai‘i