City leaders participate in 2022-23 Tiny House Design Challenge

June 14, 2023

Marie Dominguez, Interior Designer at AHL , participated as a panel judge for SSFM's annual Tiny House Design Challenge.

Designs conceived by students not only embraced modern aesthetics, but also prioritized sustainability in ways that promote an environmentally friendly lifestyle aiming toward a net-zero carbon footprint.

Students created multiple teams to work on different phases of their project, including planning and design, electrical wiring and lighting, carpentry, plumbing, roofing and painting. Project schedules, final design drawings, construction cost estimates and miniature models were prepared to provide a starting point for their visions.

The culmination of the project wrapped up with a professional sales pitch, where students present their products to simulated potential buyers. This aspect not only sharpened future presentation skills, but also provided valuable experience in marketing and communication.

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