New Aloha Stadium Entertainment District (NASED) Master Plan

Re-imagining live-work-play lifestyles on O'ahu

AHL was a significant contributor on the State of Hawai'i’s planning team for NASED. AHL created holistic design guidelines that formed the framework for a state-sponsored RFP. Issued by DAGS, the RFP was needed to award a public-private partnership (PPP) contract for the development of the new stadium, the entertainment district, and its supporting environs. 

AHL conducting extensive programming and planning research, resulting in the design of a programmatic master plan (PMP) and an architectural master plan (AMP) that encompassed entertainment, retail, hospitality, residential, cultural, and commercial components. The design considered Aloha Stadium’s current uses at the time (high school, amateur and professional athletics, concerts, swap meets, state fairs, etc.) coupled with short-, mid-, and long-range development goals, to transform roughly 100antiquated and underutilized acres into an exciting population center on O'ahu, meant to magnetize consistent critical mass, spur economic growth, and ignite meaningful development in the state.

Extensive community outreach complemented the planning process and provided collaborative opportunities with various neighborhood boards, The University of Hawai’i Athletics Department, E.K. Fernandez and other 50th State Fair constituents, Aloha Stadium swap meet vendors, high school, amateur and professional athletics teams, concert producers, and other large-scale event interest-holders.

The expanded program included neighborhood and regional retail shops, hotel and hospitality use, mixed dining options, including quick-serve eateries and premium culinary establishments, eSports venues, a cultural pavilion and community center, workforce- and market-rate residential towers, an amphitheater, large-scale parking structures, enhanced grading, storm run-off, and blue stream upgrades, improved connections to the adjacent neighborhoods, public transportation hubs, as well as community gardens.

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Honolulu, O'ahu, HI