Clarence T.C. Ching Villas at St. Francis Kupuna Village

Creating an active, enriching community.

The Clarence T.C. Ching Villas are a 119 bed Skilled Nursing Facility (SNF) for long and short term elderly care located at St. Francis Kupuna Village in Liliha. Supporting St. Francis' focus of healing the mind, body, and soul, the SNF encourages seniors to interact and have fun while exercising and developing skills during their rehabilitation. Creating a connection with the surrounding community and a home-like feeling, the interior design is inspired by the theme of Hawaii Five-0 with each floor mimicking a different neighborhood on O'ahu. The facility also increased its capacity from previously accommodating eight patients, to serving more than 100.

The vision of the SNF is a vibrant, affordable senior living center with access to amenities not found in other  settings in Hawai’i. The revitalization project aimed to move from a purely  institutional/medical model to one that leaned towards a residential,  household, or greenhouse model. The result is a retirement community that  allows our kupuna to pursue an active and fulfilling lifestyle with access to comprehensive life-care services at all times. The centralized health care campus is uniquely designed to allow residents and patients to see multiple providers in a single welcoming location.  

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Liliha, Hawai‘i



  • Building Industry Association, Grand Award for Commercial Remodeling Projects more than 15,001 SF